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Intercultural U β€” Champlain’s intercultural training certification program is an innovative program designed to prepare members of the Champlain to serve as peer trainers and champions and intercultural/diversity facilitators.

As an Institution committed to creating an inclusive campus and graduating global citizens equipped to thrive in a multicultural and interdependent world, we recognize the need to have a systemic approach to building intercultural competence, a common language for our inclusion discussions and work and a team of qualified in house educators, ‘experts’ and facilitators that both represent AND can speak to various campus stakeholders. The certification program addresses all of these needs.

The program comprises 25 hours of training provided in 2 hour modules. The program is open to all interested members of the Champlain community (faculty, administrators and staff) who are willing to commit to their own development and are willing to assist in the development of others on campus. It is an incredible investment of time, but it will time well spent as you become part of an engaged community of action with a common framework, develop further on your personal intercultural journey and become better equipped to move the college towards its diversity and inclusion goals.

Participants who complete 18 hours of training will be certified. Once you start the program, you will recognize why so much time is required. There are so many layers to diversity and inclusion. To be effective, we need to explore these complex layers and look at issues through multiple lenses. Learning and growth will happen through discussions, knowledge sharing, reflection, videos, reading and everything else. We need enough time to incorporate a variety of tools and allow for a variety of learning styles and preferences.